Money refund policy provide the money refund to its customers if we are not able to satisfy them. Please read carefully all the points of our money refund policy so that you might know whether you are eligible for claiming a refund or not.

Your money will be refunded if:

  • We are not able to provide you the work on time
  • We delivered you the plagiarized work
  • We did not follow the requirements and provided a different work
  • You asked us for the revision, we revised your paper but we did not satisfy you

Here’s how we work

Provide us with order details and requirements

Submit payment

Track your order status with our customer service center

Download your paper just in time

There are some other conditions also such as:

  • 100% money is not refunded in any case as 10% of the total charges are deduced for the different services
  • After getting the final version of the work, you have 15 days for placing a refund claim
  • After claiming the refund you are no longer eligible to use our product and if you do then we reserve the right to take a strong action against it.
  • Small mistakes like the referencing and citation, formatting are not provided with the refund
  • In the case you did not ask for the revision and submitted your work then you won’t be provided with the money refund
  • In case you asked for the revision and then asked for the refund then in such condition a particular amount will be provided under the money refund policy.
  • In case of the poor grades, you cannot blame us and we won’t be responsible for it so the claim would not be accepted
  • We reserve the right to reject any money refund claim anytime.

Important: Any kind of the threats given to the company won’t be accepted and such activities will be immediately reported to the responsible authorities.